Pink Armadillos is family owned and operated by Bill and Dee Hamilton (me)! We have had Pink Armadillos since 2008, but have been in the apparel industry since 1989! Yes, we're that young!

In first grade, I won a "Fire Prevention Poster Contest" and I guess that was the beginning of my creative life. My grandmother was a very creative person and talented floral designer and my mother has innate design skills and can teach herself how to do anything! In high school, I spend hours planning and decorating my football player's locker each week...I think that is truly where I started to love design and seeing my ideas come to fruition.

I started hand-painting shirts my senior year in college while student teaching as well. After graduating from Southwest Texas State University (oops....Texas State), I taught during the day, painted every night and sold shirts every weekend. In 1990 we took our apparel to Dallas Market for the first time. I set a goal to sell 100 shirts and we met that goal in a day and a half! As we grew, we moved from hand painted shirts to screen printing. Bill taught himself how to print and even made some of our own equipment. He was the first one to quit his "real" job and work on the business full-time. When our first son Hunter was born in 1994, I quit teaching and took a leap of faith with our business! Through the years we had a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility complete with automatic screen printing machines and up to 60 heads of embroidery machines. We took a small break when we sold that business line, but God just has a way of putting you back where you belong. And I guess we belong in the apparel embellishment industry!

Since 2008, we have been growing and happily working with our Pink Armadillos wholesale customers in Texas and across the US. We haven't been able to do this by ourselves for a very long time now. We are fortunate enough to hire wonderful people who love our customers and love our line and what we do. I have a plaque on my desk that reads: "Success is making a difference in the lives of others. Happiness is watching them grow because of it. Make a difference!" Through the years, we have watched the stores that we sell to flourish and grow and we have watched the wonderful people that work with us do the same.
We are successful and happy and we are ALWAYS appreciative of your business!

Our promise to you: We will always do what is right for the customer, and we will continue to bring you fresh new techniques, designs and apparel!

Grateful and Blessed,
Dee Hamilton

Pink Armadillos can be reached Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm at the store:
15845 Hwy 105 W. Ste. 112
Montgomery, TX 77356

OR shoot us an email: for general questions and information.